Opel Astra, Zafira

since 1998 of release

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Opel Astra
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Removal and installation of power shafts



  1. Remove a cap of a rim and a protective cap of a stupichny nut. Take a lock pin of fixing of a koronchaty stupichny nut.

On some models the cap of a disk fastens wheel bolts. In that case bolts should be weakened, then to raise the car over the earth, to remove a cap, to screw bolts into place, to lower the car on the earth and after it to start an otpuskaniye of a stupichny nut.

  1. Weaken a koronchaty stupichny nut by means of a face natural the equipped long collar a drive. Cтупица is blocked from a provorachivaniye by means of a metal level (1).

The Stupichny nut can be released and after wheel removal — the nave should be fixed from a provorachivaniye by means of the level fixed by two wheel bolts, or the mount filled between bolts.

  1. Weaken nuts of fastening of the corresponding forward wheel, поддомкратьте a front of the car and establish it on props. Remove a wheel. Merge transmission oil / ATF (see. Head Routine maintenance).
  2. Finally remove a stupichny nut together with a washer.
  3. Give a nut of fastening of a tip of steering draft and by means of a special stripper liberate the last from a rotary fist.
  4. Turn out a bolt of fastening of a basic arm of a flexible brake hose to a suspension bracket rack, liberate a hose from an arm.
  1. Holding a sharnirny finger a rozhkovy key for лыски, give a nut of fastening of vertical draft (1) stabilizer of cross-section stability to a suspension bracket rack. Take away draft from a rack.
  1. Turn out a bolt of a collar of fastening of a spherical support to a rotary fist — pay attention that a bolt will develop a head forward on the car.
  1. By means of a big screw-driver or a chisel расклиньте collar of a spherical support.
  1. Taking away the suspension bracket lever down, liberate a shaft of a finger of a spherical support from a fixing collar. Take a rack aside and release the lever — try not to damage a rubber boot of a spherical support.
  1. Delaying a nave outside, remove it from a pin of a power shaft. If the nave does not give in to removal, for to protect carvings temporarily screw on a shaft a stupichny nut and delay a rotary fist outside, at the same time beating out a pin a hammer through a suitable drift from soft metal. It is alternatively possible to use a special stripper, pribolchivayemy to a nave wheel bolts.
  1. Take aside a rack and lay the free end of a power shaft on a suitable prop, without allowing its console povisaniye on the internal CV JOINT.
  2. At the corresponding complete set remove protection of a case.
  1. Having hooked the CV JOINT the special bifurcate adaptation, overcoming resistance of an unclenched lock ring, liberate an internal pin of a shaft from differential assembly.

It is possible to use also a hammer with sliding brisk, privernuty to the level got under the internal CV JOINT.


Instead of the bifurcate lever it is possible to use usual mount not less effectively.

  1. Trying not to load the hinge, liberate a shaft pin from differential and take it from under the car. At once закупорьте an opening under shaft installation in order to avoid dirt hit in differential.

Car lowering on the earth at removed even one power shaft is fraught with damage of stupichny bearings! In case of emergency pull together bearings by means of a long bolt with a nut and pairs of washers.

  1. The right power shaft on all models is equipped with a damper of krutilny fluctuations (1). In case of shaft replacement the damper should be rearranged on replaceable assembly. Measure distance (I) from the external CV JOINT to a damper installation site — demanded value is given in Specifications.


The new stupichny nut of a nave and new internal lock ring be required.


  1. Before installation of a shaft check a condition of an epiploon of differential, in case of need make its replacement (see. Head Manual transmission or Automatic transmission).
  2. Remove from a shaft pin a lock ring and establish on its place new.
  3. Carefully clean shlitsa of a shaft and an opening in a nave. Grease sealing sponges of an epiploon and spitz-dogs of a shaft with pure transmission oil / ATF. Check reliability of fixing of protective covers of CV JOINTS the collars.
  4. Accurately, trying not to damage an epiploon, fill an internal pin of a shaft in transmission and enter it into gearing with shlitsa of a lateral gear wheel of differential. Push a shaft in differential to a zashchelkivaniye of a lock ring — knock with a heavy hammer with soft brisk on an end face of the external hinge.
  5. Enter a shlitsevy pin of the external hinge into gearing with spitz-dogs of a nave.
  6. The lever take away the bottom lever of a suspension bracket down and fill a shaft of a spherical finger in a collar against the stop.
  7. Insert a coupling bolt of a collar (a head forward on the car) and tighten it with demanded effort.
  8. Connect vertical draft of the stabilizer of cross-section stability for a rack of a suspension bracket and tighten with demanded effort a fixing nut — hold a sharnirny finger from a provorachivaniye a rozhkovy key for лыски.
  9. Fill a flexible brake hose in a basic arm and fix the last on a suspension bracket rack, having strongly tightened a fixing bolt.
  10. Having tightened with demanded effort a nut, fix a tip of steering draft in a rotary fist.
  11. Put on a power shaft a washer, screw a new nut and tighten it, while only by hand.
  12. At the corresponding complete set establish protection of a case. Establish a wheel, lower the car on the earth and tighten wheel bolts with demanded effort.
  13. In some stages tighten a stupichny nut with demanded effort (see. Specifications). Fix a nut new shplinty, having in case of need tightened it for combination of a shliyets with an opening — do not forget to bend short moustaches of a shliyets round a pin of a shaft and to cut off surpluses.
  14. Establish a protective cap of a stupichny nut and a decorative cap of a wheel.
  15. Fill in in transmission necessary quantity of oil / ATF of a demanded grade (see. Head Routine maintenance).