Opel Astra, Zafira

since 1998 of release

Repair and car operation

Opel Astra
+ Opel Astra and Zafira Cars
+ Operation manual
+ Routine maintenance
- Engine
   Check of kompressionny pressure in cylinders
   Diagnostics of a condition of the engine with use of the vacuum gage
   + Procedures of repair of petrol SOHC engines without their extraction from the car
   + Procedures of repair of petrol DOHC engines without their extraction from the car
   + Procedures of repair of diesel engines of 1.7 l and 2.0 l without their extraction from the car
   - General and major maintenance of the engine
      Removal of the power unit from the car - methods and precautionary measures
      Removal, separation and engine installation
      Alternative versions of schemes of regenerative repair of the engine
      Sequence of dismantling of the engine
      Dismantling of a head of cylinders
      Cleaning and check of a condition of a head of cylinders
      Assembly of a head of cylinders
      Removal of shatunno-piston assemblies
      Removal of a cranked shaft
      Cleaning and check of a condition of the block of cylinders
      Honingovaniye of mirrors of cylinders
      Check of a condition of components of shatunno-piston group
      Check of a condition of a cranked shaft
      Check of a condition of radical and shatunny bearings of a cranked shaft
      Engine assembly order
      Installation of piston rings
      Installation of a cranked shaft and check of working gaps of radical bearings
      Installation of shatunno-piston assemblies and check of size of working gaps in shatunny bearings of a cranked shaft
      Trial start and engine running in after major maintenance
+ Systems of cooling, heating
+ Power supply system and release
+ engine Electric equipment
+ Manual transmission
+ Automatic transmission
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment

Removal of the power unit from the car - methods and precautionary measures

Before starting directly removal of the power unit from the car, execute some preparatory procedures.

Extremely the great value has presence of well equipped worker of a platform on which there should be enough place for placement and car storage. The platform should be rather spacious for placement on it of the car, a strong workbench / the assembly stand, and also necessary materials and the equipment. Optimum option is the big garage or a covered workshop. Simply equal platform with an asphalt or concrete covering as a last resort will approach.

It is necessary to take care also of the place equipment for storage of components removed from the engine, the tool and other materials. Best of all the easy folding rack will be suitable for this purpose with rather wide regiments.

Before starting dismantle of the power unit, carefully wash up an impellent compartment and an external surface of the power unit that will help to preserve in purity and an order the used tool.

For carrying out the subsequent repair the engine should be removed from the car assembled with a transmission. As extraction of the power unit is made by its lowering from an impellent compartment down, the car is necessary for lifting rather highly over the earth and it is reliable to fix on support. A necessary condition of successful work is also existence of the winch, And-shaped or other suitable elevating equipment. Track, that the lift and a rigging corresponded according to the load-lifting characteristics to total mass of the power unit (the engine with transmission). Do not forget about need of strict observance of requirements of safety regulations.

If extraction of the engine is made by the amateur mechanic for the first time, it is necessary to get support of more skilled companion. In time the submitted council will allow to save time and to minimize risk of receiving a trauma or components/the equipment damage. In the course of unit extraction from the car there is a set of situations when separate procedures should be executed at the same time that it is often very difficult to make strengths of one person.

Try to plan all sequence of actions in advance. Prepare necessary tools and the equipment. To number of the adaptations which are essentially facilitating performance of the forthcoming works and considerably of raising level of their safety, the set of wrenches and replaceable face heads with suitable (it is desirable ratchet) a drive, pair of strong wooden blocks, and also rags and solvent enough for removal of traces of fuel, oil and cooling liquid belong a powerful telezhechny jack with a hydraulic drive. At absence in private use of the elevating equipment before hiring the winch, try to perform beforehand all necessary preparatory work for the purpose of the maximum reduction of term of rent, and, therefore, and the material inputs connected with it.

Prepare for that you should refuse using the car on refusal of using the car for quite long time. Performance of a part of the procedures demanding high qualification of the personnel and use of the special equipment, it is necessary to charge to specialists of car-care center. Remember that automobile repair shops usually have very busy schedule of loading, and therefore it will be reasonable to see to it and agree about terms of implementation of your order in advance.

Perform works without hurrying up, in the organized manner, try not to break elementary safety regulations!