Opel Astra, Zafira

since 1998 of release

Repair and car operation

Opel Astra
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   - System of injection of fuel of petrol engines
      Principle of functioning of systems of injection of fuel
      Check of serviceability of functioning of system of injection of fuel
      Removal and installation of components of system of the central injection of Multec fuel
      Removal and installation of components of systems of the distributed injection of Multec-S and Simtec-70 fuel
      The monitoring system of temperature of soaked-up air (model with the central injection) - a principle of functioning and check of serviceability of functioning
      Removal and installation of the inlet pipeline
      Removal and installation of a final collector
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System of injection of fuel of petrol engines

General information and precautionary measures

General information

The electronic control system of the engine regulates amount of fuel submitted to cylinders and exercises administration of ignition process. On petrol engines various control systems (are applied see. Principle of functioning of systems of injection of fuel).

The electronic control system of the engine provides the following possibilities:

  1. Exact dosage of fuel in any mode of operation that provides small fuel consumption at high capacity.
  2. Reduction of the content of harmful substances in the fulfilled gases thanks to exact dispensing of fuel and use of the catalytic converter.
  3. Self-diagnostics of a control system by the engine provides possibility of fast troubleshooting. One of the most important elements of a control system of the engine is the self-diagnostics subsystem. If during operation refusal of functioning any of system elements comes to light, in memory of the ECM processor the corresponding code of malfunction is brought. Reading and identification of the codes which were stored in memory (see. Head the engine Electric equipment) allows to reveal and eliminate a cause of failure quickly.

The control unit the engine (ECM) plays a role of the think-tank and is equipped with the high-speed microprocessor. On the basis of the analysis of data of ECM continuously arriving from information sensors defines the optimum moment of injection and necessary volume of injected fuel. Information processed by modules of management of transmission and an immobilizator of the engine is thus considered also.

Elements of a control system of the engine keeps high performance for a long time and practically does not demand service. Only such elements of system need regular replacements during carrying out maintenance of the car, as the air filter and spark plugs. Serious works on adjustment and repair demand use of difficult diagnostic devices in view of what their performance should be entrusted to specialists of car repair shop.

Adjustment of number of turns of idling and concentration of monooxide of carbon (WITH) within carrying out maintenance is not required.

Security measures at work with a control system of the petrol engine

Remember that fuel in a power supply system path at the working engine and the included ignition is under pressure. Residual superfluous pressure continues to keep in system during even some time after switching off of ignition and before a detachment components / undocking of shtutserny sockets should be dumped!

Do not touch VV to electroconducting of system of ignition at a working engine / starter and do not make its detachment.

Persons with the implanted warm stimulator should not be allowed to service of elements of system of ignition at all! Connection and shutdown of measuring devices also should be made at the switched-off ignition.

The detachment топливопроводов should be made at the switched-off ignition.

At check of kompressionny pressure in cylinders of a power supply system and ignition should be disconnected (see appropriate section of Head the Engine)

See also list of security measures – see. Power supply system.

Remarks on checks of a control system by the engine

By search of causes of failures, first of all, it is necessary to deduce diagnostic codes from memory of the processor, and also to check tightness of connection of vacuum lines.

For reliable functioning of all electric elements of system tension existence not below 11.5 Century is necessary.

If after completion of search and elimination of causes of failures the engine after start at once глохнет, can serve as the reason of such phenomenon blocking of anticreeping system, - interrogate memory of the processor, in case of need make control of the corresponding knot of management.